Dinah Satterwhite


fine art photography Bainbridge Island, Washington
Metal Prints
Canvas Wraps
Float Frames, with Canvas Wraps
Acrylic Prints
Aqua Fiber 1 Metal Print, 30”x30”
Koi Klass Metal Print, 30”x40”
1Rock Framed Metal Print, 24”x36”
Her work is the silver lining to any project, large or small.  Whether you’re looking to add elegance to a grand entranceway to your home or business, or something whimsical for an intimate corner to read or take an afternoon nap, Satterwhite’s artistic talent captures a broad base for those with discerning tastes.  She has a passion for perfectionism and detail, which can be seen in all of her work — as evidenced by this website, as well.  What can’t be seen here, however, is the same level of professionalism that she brings to all her business transactions. I’ve collaborated with Satterwhite on photography for magazine articles, and her high level of commitment, compassion, and creativity added a nice finishing touch.     Kerrie Houston-Reightley
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